Picasso addressing Malraux - minister of culture - : 
" You know the Chinese proverbs, you, the chinese.
There is one what says what said of better on the painting:
 You should not imitate the life, it is necessary to work as her. "
Surrounded for a long time with highly geological places,
historic and prehistoric among which rock faces and the cliffs of 
clay let appear the flow of time and the human and telluric 
plasticity (toward earth sediments and the origin of writing), Nathalie Laemlé is
sensitive to the peculiarity of the track, the passage of past in
present, in the phenomenon of the plasticity in its scale
The fragile intervening period of the track marks a movement
permanent employee in the chronology of the history of the 
humanity and in that of the individual, an apprehension of the 
life with an acceptance of the mourning of the disappearance of 
moment, acceptance of the porous harshness of the existence.
The perpetual plasticity of the human being in the time
involve an overtaking of the demolition of moment, an opening 
towards the potentialities of the revival, body and the spirit 
remodels, taking into account chances of the existence and of 
their basic structure, as well as telluric and organic plasticity of 
the nature.
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